Pierre Needham

Pierre’s mother was from Marseille, France, which brought a huge influence of the Meditterean is his formative years, regular trips to see friends and family throughout the Med brought about the emphasis of the importance of fresh, seasonal produce: the provincial markets taught much of the importance of sight, smell and taste when recognising the seasonal shift in produce, recognising when to capture the taste at its seasonal peak.


His early years were taught in the draconian chef fashion, instilling discipline, efficiency and an iron will, the only replies that one could use: "Yes Chef, no Chef, thank you very much chef!"

However, these establishments were of all Michelin and AA rosette standard, and they quickly moulded his knowledge of the seasons with cooking modern British fine dining.


Soon enough recognition of his abilities followed, and he went on to test himself against his peers in London for the next 10 years, meeting great inspirational figures along the way who helped better form his idea of what he wanted from his career.


Recognising life wasn’t all work work work, he went on to stay in Rome, Italy for two years, visiting much of the country on a foodie homage tour of Italian cooking, inspiring him along the way.


Once back, he moved out of London, moving to Hertfordshire to enjoy the country life and renovating his house, all whilst spending a further two further years working in hotels and banqueting, perfecting his technique of catering for high volume.


The locality of friends, family and his girlfriends passion for horses brought them and their dog to the Cotswolds.


Pierre now brings his experience and knowledge to the fresh dishes of the Téatro kitchen.


Please inform your server if you have any food allergies or dietary requirements.


A 12.5% service charge is added to tables of 6 or more people.


We always use the most local and seasonal produce for our menus where possible. This does sometimes mean that minor changes are made night by night to the menu, but please use the menus below to give you an idea of the wonderful food we serve.



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